What is EUROVISCO exactly ? Answer from Dr. Chevalier, member of the group

Transcription of the video :

Dr. Chevalier, can you explain to us what exactly is the Eurovisco group?

Hello. The Eurovisco Group is a group of international experts from all over Europe, gathering a majority of rheumatologists, one orthopedist and several rehabilitation doctors.
So, a panel of experts and a large vision of rheumatology.
Eurovisco reflects on the subject for several years now ; we are lucky to have this year the 8th edition on the Hyaluronic Acid practices modalities, with, I believe, a particularity that distinguishes us from international recommendations : the fact that they are truly based on experiences from experts, and not only on the yes/no or black/white from literature. That’s why our recommendations are both read and appreciated in the field of rheumatology.

What was the subject of this year, 2023?

This year, we focused on the clinical characteristics of patients who could benefit from injections, by trying to identify the clinical characteristics of the best responses we could have with hyaluronic acid. And I believe we made progress on this matter.

Eurovisco was present during the 2nd Congress of Applied Rheumatology, organized by Labrha in September 2023. There, you represented the Eurovisco group. What was the subject of your presentation?

First, I would like to say that I am glad to participate in this congress. It’s the second one organised under the aegis of Eurovisco and the Labrha Laboratory. The first edition was a huge success. And this year, I am going to talk about the good first indications of hyaluronic acid. We tackled a lot of different subjects with Eurovisco, but it may be important to go back to the fundamentals.
And the fundamentals are: to which type of patient do I propose the first injection? As you know, Hyaluronic acid injections are recommended by the French Society of Rheumatology. So there is a patient profile that we all know: a patient with a moderate level of pain, not too high, and a pain that is mostly mechanical. I will also talk about several other points, including inflammatory pains and the question of knowing if Hyaluronic acid injections can have a chondroprotector effect. And also, what is I believe the most important thing with Hyaluronic Acid, is to collect the patient’s opinion on the treatment, including the decision on the first treatment. All in all, a fascinating subject. I thank my friend Dr. Thierry Conrozier for giving it to me, and I hope it will have the same success as the first edition.



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